Added – new functions

Configuration for automatic and manual closing of orders

Previously, orders were always automatically completed, when all reports were finished. For new use cases, where reports can be attached to a running order, it may not always be desired, that orders are always automatically completed. Therefore, from now on, there is an additional property in the order settings for setting the completion mode of the order. There you can choose between automatic or manual. Automatic completion is preselected as the default setting.

completion mode of orders

If you select manual completion, the order must be completed manually. The order will no longer be automatically closed with completion of all reports.

Complete Order manual

Changed – improved functions

Automatic updating of document names and information in orders

From now on, when you check the "use latest version" box in the document details of an order, the document name and meta information of the document will be immediately updated with the latest, active version of the document. This way, you will always see the changes of the documents in your orders.

Use latest version of documents in orders

Note: Once the document is updated to the latest version, this version will continue to be preserved, even if you uncheck it.

Line breaks in the additional data field of orders

As a user, you can add additional information in your orders, for example, to transfer important information to the employees of the other shift in case of a work shift change. The additional data field can be used for this purpose, as it can also be edited from the Editor and Assistant. From now on, line breaks are also possible there for better structuring of your information.

Additional data

Fixed – corrected functionality issues

  • tags with only whitespace possible

  • edit classifiers button is not accessible in the tab under Information when a longer description is present on Android mobile devices

  • Azure token refresh is not triggered when Json Web Token (JWT) expires

  • order calendar does not reset to full width after opening the classification bar

  • modules are not updated properly in the corresponding documents

  • close button of the notification does not work when a document/report is added to the order

  • text overflows in the description field of orders in the Assistant

  • PDF view in documents is not possible in Assistant, when the document is opened on an Android tablet

  • filter edit dialog does not show intersection union when first opened

  • base ID is not displayed during description interaction in the Editor

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