Added – new functions

Sort and filter reports in orders

Especially for advanced orders with many reports, it is important to be able to easily and quickly filter out information, as well as the state of the reports in order, to get an overview. All users should be able to see, what is still open or already completed for an order. Therefore, we have implemented additional sorting and filtering options for orders in the Editor and Assistant.

In the Editor, you can now search for reports and filter reports by state, assigned user, and classifiers. In the case of classifiers, only those classifiers are displayed, that are also present in the report entries.

Orders in the editor

In the Assistant, you can also search for reports, hide completed reports, and use filters such as assigned to me, as well as filter reports by classifiers.

Orders in the assistant

Message for users when canceling and completing orders in the editor

When you cancel or complete orders as a user, you will now see a message displayed for 10 seconds, that the desired activity will soon be completed. You have the possibility to undo this or to cancel or complete the action.

Message for users when canceling and completing orders in the editor

Changed – improved functions

Improved calendar view for orders

Previously, the calendar view for orders in the editor only showed the start date of the orders. The duration was not taken into account. With the new release, you can now also see the duration of the orders in the calendar view. The new display allows you to see all orders, as well as their duration at a glance. In addition, you can use the filters to get a better overview.


Forwarding to the document overview after publishing

When publishing documents, you can choose between minor and major version jumps. From now on, the option of a minor version jump is preselected. After publishing the document, you are now automatically redirected back to the document overview and you do not have to navigate back by yourself.

Fixed – corrected functionality issues

  • missing notification for uploading a not supported file-type

  • different states of a report are displayed depending on how the same report is opened

  • show precisely if order start/due date reached

  • accepting changes are not possible of exiting report is open in assistant

  • detached reports from an order cannot be found afterwards

  • PDF file is automatically sent to printing, when the user click on preview

  • order calendar looks cut off from below

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