To ensure that your documents can be seen and used by all users, they must be published and reviewed after creation or editing. By looking at the state of a document, you can always see, whether a document is being edited, is in the review process or is active.

Publish documents

When you are done editing your document, click the publish button in the upper right corner of the creator in the Editor. A window will open, to start publishing the draft. Under the button, you will also always find the status and version of the document.


Specify change notes

You can enter a change note before publishing, so that your users gets a notification about it, when opening it. To do this, click the notify users on open button and enter a note in the field. This way, you can notify your users immediately about updates, such as new or changed steps.


Minor and major version jumps

For the type of change, you can select whether you want to perform a minor version jump (e.g. from 2.0 to 2.1.) with publish immediately without a review or a major version jump (e.g. from 2.0 to 3.0) with publish later after review.

Small and large version jumps

Important: In the case of a newly created document, you will be taken directly to the review process. You cannot select a direct release without review there.

Review documents

If you have selected a large version jump with a review, your document still has to be reviewed. To do this, simply open the document and click on the reviewed button and confirm this with publish. The state of the document changes from review to active.

Review versions

Process for publishing and reviewing documents

The following graphic illustrates the publishing- and review-process and the state of the document at each stage.

Process for publishing and reviewing documents

Important: After publishing and reviewing, documents are updated.
In progress reports will continue to run in the open version.
When starting a new report, the new version of the document will be opened.

Previous versions of documents

To call up previous versions of a document, go to the document overview and click on previous versions using the three dots under action. A window with the version history will open. There you can view, open and also duplicate all previous versions.

Previous versions of documents

Configuration of the rights system

In the system settings, you manage your users, roles and define corresponding features for roles. There, you can assign different rights for publish and review of documents for your roles under versioning. Only users, whose roles have the rights for releasing minor and major version jumps can perform them. This is how you define, which user groups can publish and review documents.


For more information, see this article: How to create a new user or role and assign their rights and functions

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