Changed – improved functions

Improved navigation and automatically closing of signature tasks

From now on, a user receives a notification about signature tasks and can navigate to them immediately. It is not necessary, to switch to the Assistant. This makes it even easier for users to work with signature tasks. After the user adds the signature, the task is automatically closed.

Improved navigation and automatically closing of signature tasks

Adjusted overview of orders in the Assistant

Previously, the overview of an order in the Editor and Assistant was differed. In addition, the overview of orders in the Assistant did not display all available information and did not correspond to our usual design. From now on, you will find all necessary information in the overview of orders in the Assistant as well. In addition, we have adapted the view to our usual design and there is a new tab with tasks for the order.

Adjusted overview of tasks in the Assistant

Improved display of text feedback in PDF report

We have received the feedback, that text feedbacks in the PDF report are not displayed optimally for longer texts. Therefore, we have improved the formatting for text feedbacks and adjusted the column width to display long responses in a compressed way. For better clarity, response is written in italics before the text feedbacks.

Improved display of text feedback in PDF report

Adding Malaysian language in documents

When creating your documents, you can select a language and translate the document into other languages. We have added Malaysian to the selection of languages when creating documents.

Language Malaysian in documents

Fixed – corrected functionality impairments

  • infinity spinner when opening a document with restricted permissions

  • permission to create an order is not continuously worked out, you can't publish or even open the order afterwards

  • deletion of instruction takes some time, no status indicator or auto-refresh for table

  • deleting of an order, stemming from rule, not possible

  • text message from QR scanner for text feedback interaction is covered by top bar

  • offline feature permission is not sufficient and not working for orders

  • notification about the availability of the new version of the software appears too often

  • sequence number of materials does not work as expected, because all interactions are counted

  • user defined column configuration in tables is reset after (almost) every release

  • parts and media from nested instructions are no longer shown material table of an instruction

  • blank spaces in documents are shown, when language is switched in a document

  • document notes won't show localized value upon language switching

  • save behavior for order quick filters in assistant gets lost after second reload

  • close button for QR scanner missing in documents for text feedback interaction

  • report ID was specified incorrectly, when a user downloads the report from an order in offline mode

  • rule start date not consequently used and therefore, it differs from rule creating process and the overview in order table in Assistant and Editor

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