In the Assistant you can start your documents, tasks or orders and create a report with them. There are several functions that you can use.

Basic functions when filling out a report

When starting a report, an interface opens to fill in the report. You can enter the corresponding data in the report and navigate through the individual steps using the tabs at the bottom via next and back.

An overview of the individual steps can be found by clicking on the arrow at the top next to the title. There you can see the step list with all the individual steps as well as the status for them and quickly get an overview of the entire report.

basic functions assistant

Further functions in the Assistant

A new task can be created for each process step via the flag. If a problem occurs in the operation, e.g. a part or a machine is broken or something in the document needs to be updated, you can easily inform another employee or supervisor, so that they can take care of it.

Create task

Via the three dots in the right corner, you have additional functions that you can use when filling out the report. There you will find an overview of tasks, media, material, overview, meta info and language of the report. In the tasks you will find all tasks for this report. If you have created a task before, you will find it in the overview.

Under media and material, you can see all media and materials that can be found in this report. The overview provides you once again with an overview of the individual steps of the report. There you can also see, how many steps you still have to edit.

media, material, overview

Under meta info, you will find all meta information of the report. There you can adjust the title and the classifiers of your report (if you have the appropriate authorization as a user).

meta info

The language tab allows you to see the available languages and change the language, if needed.


Finalize the report

When you have filled in all the mandatory information in the steps, finish the report by clicking the finalize button above the step list or in the bottom right in the corner.

Finalize report

Discard report or continue later

If you do not want to save the report, you can discard it. To do this, click on the cross in the upper left corner and then on the discard button. You will be asked, whether you really want to discard the report. If you confirm the query with discard, the report will not be saved.

discard report

If you want to continue a report later, simply click on the continue later button.

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