Changed – improved functions

Edit report title and classifiers before you start a report in the Assistant

From now on, you can edit the title as well as the classifiers of a report before starting it in the Assistant. Currently, the only options to change them, if no order is used, are tedious, involve multiple clicks through menus and required the progress to be started first. With the improved functionality, the process of editing the title and classifiers becomes much easier and you are able to easily integrate the changes into your workflows. You can make the changes using the edit button.

In addition, the design in the Assistant has been improved and made clearer and more consistent. From now on, users will receive better structured and additional information, before starting a report from the document overview.

Edit report title and classifiers before you start a report in the Assistant

Important: To use the editing function, users must have permission to do this. You can read how to activate it, in the following paragraph. If you, as a user, do not have the permission to edit the reports in the Assistant, the document preview will open without the edit button. You can view the information in the same way and also add the report to your favorites.

Allow permissions to customize meta information in reports

As an administrator, you can enable and disable editing of the classifiers and title before starting a report in the Assistant for their user roles, for example, to avoid accidental edits by users, who do not need to change this data. Use the system settings in the Editor to set the permissions under functions. To do this, simply activate the "allow customization at start" for reports, if you want to enable editing rights for the corresponding roles.

Allow permissions to customize meta information in reports

Fixed – corrected functionality impairments

  • going back to main document from the module document is not possible

  • empty document step in Assistant

  • discarding the closing action of a report can end in blank page

  • report overview gives blank initially and shows data once clicked on the step

  • QR code scanner from a text-feedback is not working consistently

  • Assistant order report view interrupted, when using classifier filtering

  • incorrect color indicator for cancelled order in order calendar view

  • images in document can be randomly shuffled while editing

  • no error message, if external request payload reaches defined maximum

  • minor adjustment for filter sidebar on mobile device

  • response of external request can cause an overflow in report for Assistant and Editor

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