Added – new functions

Change report classifiers for the draft orders before they have been started

It is now possible to automatically transfer classifiers from the document draft to the "live" report. You can change the classifiers beforehand to ensure that the reports are classified correctly in advance. This reduces the amount of work you have to do to assign the individual reports. Precise classification allows you to track reports accurately, for example, for reporting and analysis, report archiving, or to quickly find your reports.

Change report classifiers for the draft orders

New description interaction

We have added another interaction in cioplenu. With the description interaction, you clearly highlight notes or description texts in your documents. For the descriptions you can choose a background color, set the font size as well as select pictograms.

New description interaction

The pictograms can also be used in the image editor. Click to pictograms and make sure to go to page 3 and 4 in the pictogram library.

Changed improved functions

Imprint and privacy statement

From now on, you will find links to the imprint and the privacy statement in your profile in cioplenu. Thereby, we want to make sure that all users of cioplenu have the possibility to view the imprint as well as the privacy statement at any time.

Imprint and privacy statement

Show multiple users in document editing

With the new version, we have improved the document editing experience in cioplenu. From now on, when editing your documents, you can see if multiple people have opened the same document. If you are working on a document with multiple people, or if you are working on a document alone with multiple tabs, the number of viewers is displayed via the person icon in the document. You can display the user names by clicking on the person icon. This is just an information for the user to know there are other users currently editing this document. If a document has been published by another user in the meantime and can therefore no longer be edited, a message appears without switching to edit mode.

Show multiple users in document editing

Archive and restore interaction tags

Until now, tags could only be restored manually by a service request through a cioplenu employee. From now on, you can archive and restore interaction tags in the system settings. For this purpose, there are the tabs active and archived in the tag settings. When you archive tags, the link to the document is also archived. If you restore it, the interaction tag in the document is also restored.

Note: If an interaction tag is not used, it is deleted instead of archived.

Archive and restore interaction tags

Fixed – corrected functionality impairments

  • analyze report causing infinite spinner

  • no values are shown for tagged external request interactions in editor reports

  • missing German translation for the filters in the whole settings section

  • role cannot be deleted

  • deleting order to instruction assignments doesn't refresh in the first place

  • define data-type specific filter for detail search in table columns

  • request timeout on very long refreshes for classifier graphs

  • local media table is not refreshed after bulk transfer translation

  • incorrect error message when creating a new user

  • task rename from 'status' to 'state'

  • date picker filter is not reset by reset filter button

  • newly created tags cannot be edited

  • webhook task updates UpdatedByUserName incorrectly

  • incorrect error message for blank unit name

  • create a new tag layout is behaving strangely

  • interaction value filter stops working when typing a blank space in the 3 first characters of the search

  • incorrect behavior when simultaneously working on documents in editor

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