Added – new functions

Restore archived users

Until now, you (in the role of an administrator) could not easily restore archived users. With this version, we offer you a user management that allows you to archive users and restore them at any time. For this purpose, you will find the tabs active and archived in your user settings. Your users will thus not be deleted, so you can access the information at any time, which is crucial for security or auditing purposes, for example.

Archive user

Changed improved functions

Sort documents by tags

We have extended the options for sorting your documents in cioplenu. There is now also an alphabetical sorting for the tags of your documents. This allows you to sort your documents by tags and immediately get an overview of the tags used and the respective documents to them.

Note: If you have multiple tags in a document, they will always be included in the sorting.

Sort document tags

Improved webhooks

Webhooks allow you to transfer information from cioplenu to other cloud-based software for further processing. They enable easy data exchange with other cloud systems and can trigger complex process flows. The optimizations allow you to use webhooks more precisely for specific instructions and use cases. Webhooks are now available for reports, tasks, and interaction values. With the improved performance, more information (data) is transferred from now on. Providing query parameters for the interaction tag/ID/interaction value endpoint will make queries much more performant and increase speed on the customer side.

If you have any further questions or ideas, please feel free to contact our support and customer success team.


Dashboard filters and reorder of the dashboard

Another feedback we implemented with this release is more dashboard filters as well as the reorder of the dashboard in the assistant. You can now also filter your orders by published and already started orders. The new gear icon allows you to simply sort your dashboard according to your preferences by drag and drop.

Dashboard filter an sorting

Exclude and include archived reports in analytics

Previously, there was no differentiation of your reports in the analytics section of the editor. As of now, archived (discarded/deleted) reports are excluded by default. If you want to include them again, just click the include archived button.

Fixed – corrected functionality impairments

  • changing permission for role do not invalidate cached permissions

  • opening PDF's offline leads to complications

  • media preview panel stays empty in editor, after previewing an image the media preview panel cant be closed, the image that was previewing disappears, but the panel stays empty

  • no live update on web socket for PDF feedback interaction

  • minor issues with variables for a version change

  • detaching local media from global results sometimes into errors

  • creating a category for material not possible

  • interaction tag names with more than 12 characters are not shown fully in Firefox Browser

  • text for pictogram number 67 is not correct

  • video conversion is not working smoothly as expected

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