Added - new functions

Flexible report- and document-management for running orders

To pay tribute to your daily challenging and changing operative environment, we finally enable you to be more flexible with documents, reports and orders.

Attach/detach reports to/from a running order

From the feedback you provided us, we saw, that some reports have already been started without the order yet. Or a report that has already been started is to be subsequently assigned to an order.

add a report to an order

The new feature allows you to attach already created reports to an existing order.

Besides, you can also detach reports from the order to unlink the relation or connect it later to another order.

delete a report from an order

Attach/delete documents to/from a running order

Another feedback we implemented with this version, was the attachment of new documents to already started orders.

In the same pattern you will be able to delete not needed documents from orders.

Adding for a new document or report

If you do not know the difference between document and report:

  • documents are the template basis for reports and in orders not yet started reports

  • reports derive from document templates. They have been started and filled with information already.

Of course, we will keep on expanding these features in another iteration in the future and looking forward to your feedback.

Changes - improved functions

Media files in a (process) step can be used multiple times

A major leap for a media rich document is the multiple usage of one (the same) media file in the course of one step within different process steps.

Before, this was possible - anyhow if you deleted the media out of one process step, the media was erased for the whole step.

Delete media from a process step

The improved UX and logic allows you now to keep the media, where you want it, with no effort at all.

Global media from language A smooth into document with language B

For global material and media the multi-language is an advantage, ensuring precise terms in every language. Nevertheless, you needed to take over the translation up-front to all materials and media.

This was quite an annoying, if a colleague added new material and in the course of inserting it into your document, the multi-language notification pops up.

Not anymore. If the language has not been maintained, the material and media will still be able to add to your document - no matter the language.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • External link sharing dialog did not constantly generate share-link

  • Number of orders/documents/reports/tasks in Assistant dashboards inconsistent

  • issues with opening a report via the tasks table in Assistant

  • Mobile - document is in selected first instead of being opened directly

  • Interaction header height too big for specific text length

  • Issues with Android devices accessing reports in landscape orientation

  • Change notes of documents did not show up in context order

  • Change notes are not shown, if you start immediately in the first step

  • Performance issues with high amount of nested documents (modules)

  • Nesting documents (modules) endpoint did not work smoothly for automatizations

  • Duplicating global assets did not duplicate classification properties

  • Inconsistencies with date and time zones for rules

  • Naming correction to document classification level instead of confidentiality

  • Quick filter in Assistant causing minor errors

  • Video-Feedback causing issues with some mobile devices

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