Added - new functions

Faster Finding - Revised filters and increased table performance

Over the last months, we have repeatedly received feedback about longer loading times due to many reports or orders. Our developers have implemented a completely new way of retrieving information.

revised filter bar for Editor and Assistant

In addition, uniform behavior and appearance on different end devices - whether Assistant or Editor - continues to be a major focus for us. With this update, you will receive completely revised filters for the majority of sections of the software.

Note: The functionality will be switched on piecemeal over the coming weeks. If you have not yet received the function, this will happen shortly.

Direct access to the essentials - personalized view - the Assistant Dashboard

The aim of the dashboard is to show our users the most important "action items" at a glance. They can see assigned tasks, started reports, assigned tasks and favourite documents at a glance, so that they can start working directly without further navigation.

New Assistant Dashboard

Users can prefilter the items to be displayed. This configuration remains stored on the device for the respective user.

Changes - improved functions

Multiple selection for inserting modules into documents

Until now, it was not possible to insert several documents as modules into another document AT ONCE.
Our product team has now created the technical basis for this multiple function. This makes inserting multiple modules at a time into documents much quicker than before.

Multiple selection of modules

Note: The order of insertion follows the "natural order" - this is the order when no table column sorting is selected.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • It is possible without permission to edit the classifiers for a document without the need to publish/review this document again

  • No thumbnail creation for cideos leads to inconsistency of video-player

  • Thumbnail generation does not get triggerd for video feedback

  • Editing of material categories not possible anymore

  • Lost in adjust schedule when creating a rule and adding a document

  • Request-Information Interaction causing errors

  • orders cannot be opened by a restricted user

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