The filter bar is available in both the Editor and the Assistant and offers a number of convenient functions, which we will show you using the order table in the Assistant as an example.

The display of the filters varies depending on the sections (Tasks, Orders, Documents, Reports, Material and Media) and depending on the screen size and resolution of your device. On smaller screens the filters are adapted accordingly so that the functions are also fully usable on mobile devices.

There are two major filter sections

  • Quick access to the most important filters directly above the table (auto-adjusting on screen size and the section you are in)

Quick direct filter
  • Additional filters that can be displayed on the right side of the screen by clicking the slider icon

Extended filter bar

Click on the Advanced Filter button to display additional filter options from the right and click again to hide them.

Advanced filters and reset filters

If something is selected in the extended filters, this is indicated by a small number on the button. The number also indicates how many additional filters are active.

Reset filter by clicking to clear filters

By hitting clear filter all filters are reseted.

Once you have selected your filters, they are saved automatically for the current session on your device. As soon you refresh the browser tab, the filters will be reset.

For the order table in the Assistant, there is also a quick filter with which you can easily select predefined dates.

Quick Filter in the Assistant

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