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Performance improvement - filter revision

With the daily use of the software, the amount of data that needs to be displayed, processed and filtered increases.

Our product team has been working a lot in the background on performance improvements in the last quarter. These will now become visible in the upcoming versions.

New filter for editor document view

In addition, the interface of the filters was fundamentally revised. The aim was to adapt them to many end devices such as tablets or smartphones. The new filters are also much easier to use.

new filter for Assistant order view

Filter entries are retained throughout until they are changed. In addition, the space on your end devices is used much better.

More about this in the coming versions next month.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Deleted Image is still available in the full size picture preview in editor

  • Missing translation for modular tree

  • Performance issues with fetching a lot of scheduled orders in editor

  • Archived users shown in assigned user dropdown of orders / documents of orders

  • Interaction search - without clicking to suggestion no search is executed

  • Document after removing offline lock still shown as offline when attached to order

  • PDF Report shows images combined when using the same nested module multiple times in the template document

  • Missing error message when trying to archive document which is used somewhere else as nested document

  • Rounding for tolerances caused inconsistencies

  • Action button is disabled even if global media is selected

  • Access to class characteristics given even if deactivated in feature settings

  • Scrolling issue with iPAD on iOS Safari

  • Assignment for canceled orders sometimes still possible

  • Base ID and document ID column is missing in the recycle bin

  • Delete button for tags is disabled but clickable

  • Pivot classes are shown in document information

  • Attaching tags to documents - only first change was saved

  • Sequence of documents automatically randomized after starting an order

  • Set classifier filter of analytics not active for document selection

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