Regardless of which interaction type you are in, you can use scanner app keyboards with the appropriate device hardware to transfer NCF/RFID tags or even very small QR/barcodes into interaction fields.

You can find several such apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. We tested the Barcode/NFC/OCR scanner keyboard app from TEC-IT for Android and the ScanKey - QR OCR NFC keyboard for iOS. Both apps also offer OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to scan texts.


These apps replace your current device keyboard and add scanner functionality to it. If you want to transfer the information of e.g. an NCF tag into a report, simply click into a number return, free text, text return or comment field and read in the content of the tag via the scanner function of the keyboard. This also works for QR and barcodes. Since these are native apps, they access the full camera resolution, so they can capture very small barcodes and allow you to use the device's internal NCF sensor.

As a standard feature of cioplenu the text feedback interaction allows direct reading of QR/barcodes via the button at the right side of the form field.


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