Added - new functions

Everything at a glance - tasks in orders

Orders bundle all information of your operative activities in the cioplenu Platform. In addition to the planned orders of e.g. maintenance, which are displayed via reports, you can now also view the associated tasks.

task overview for orders

All relevant information and possible deviations and open actions are thus available to you with just a few clicks.

Information about tasks in orders can already be found via the task column in the order overview.

Tasks in the order overview

Of course, all task information can also be found in the reports section.

Edit image feedback directly in the Assistant

Due to your feedback and demand, we are now making the image editor available for image feedback in the Assistant. Image returns can be edited directly in the report, markers can be set and the image can be cropped.

image editor in Assistant for media feedback

In the future, the image editor will also be optimized for the smartphone.

Changes - improved functions

Order creation and editing simplified - Editor

The creation and editing of orders has been improved with the new order form. In addition to the tabs, the header area contains the editable order title, order status, priority and, after starting the order, the number of completed and total reports.

New order interface in the Editor

Released orders can be started or cancelled using the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Once the job is started, the reports created are listed in the Reports tab. If you filter them by status, you can find reports via the title search and structural feature filtering.

New order interface in the editor

You can also change the status of the order at any time via the three-dot-menu.

Cleaner navigation within a document in the Editor

With a more compact design, our classes and class characteristics can be seen at a glance in the information tab.

QR codes also get an improved design on the information tab. Whereas previously you could only create a new QR code for the document, with the new design you can also select from the list of existing QR codes.

tabs for the editor document interface

Modular tree, modules and usage can be displayed with the new tab for modules.

Simple counting in the numerical feedback

In documents such as the error collection card, you need to record values as quickly and easily as possible.

The improved number feedback interaction now displays a plus and minus button next to the input field when zero decimal places are set for the interaction.

Counter interaction improvement

This allows you to increase or decrease the value by one with just one tap without using the keyboard each time.

Webinar Video for newest software features

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Deleting a document draft blocks other documents

  • Visibility not disabled automatically when enabling variables on document creation

  • Valid until - expiry date can not be deleted if set once

  • Redirect from login page to link not working with azure active directory login

  • Incorrect placeholder text for number feedback

  • PDF not visible when offline

  • Refresh of the step title does not work consistently

  • A picture of the material can not be enlarged from a document in Editor

  • Delete Media in tutorial and comparison step not working

  • Broken Video-Preview causing not show of other media previews

  • Unit for number feedback not shown in PDF report

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