Changes - improved functions

Adding material to documents easier and with classifiers

We already have redefined adding media to new documents. Now it is time to do the same step for materials. Our focus was it to minimizing the steps for you to add materials.

add material to a document

The new functionality allows:

  • Add material via pop up directly from the step section

  • In the pop-up users can see all material attached to this document (existing ones) and all material from global material

  • Users can filter material by the class characteristics

  • Users can add multiple material to one process step very quickly

For orders and rules "Use latest version" selected automatically

A minor improvement from the feedback you provide us, was to set the check hook for use latest version for a document / report.

use latest checkhook

This means that the most recent document is always attached to an order when the order is started by the Assistant.

Link your network drive and local files with the link interaction

With the update we allow non-web URLs to be used in the link interaction.

This enables you to link locally stored files via file:// or even the link to CAD-files cadfile://

Usage of local files via the link interaction

The way how these files are opened depends strongly on your device and company software policy. Please contact your system administrator for further questions.
For example, to access non-web pages on Google Chrome, an add-on for the browser is necessary.

'QR code' improved flow in the document

We extended the functionality for QR codes. You can select the existing QR code from the list when creating a new document. Of course, you are able to see and download the existing QR codes.

QR code dialog

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Document and Report tables overflow horizontally in Editor on iOS

  • Report cannot be completed "infinitely spinner"

  • External share Link refers to a dead link

  • Report are not shown for canceled orders

  • Offline documents cannot be opened

  • Incorrect reports shown in the analytics filtered view for special settings

  • Not enough space for filters in attach media dialog

  • Auto-resize of process step in tutorial step causing minor hick-ups

  • Full-screen preview of a global material sometimes without image

  • iOS Fix: Step titles are gray instead of black

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