Added - new functions

Indicator for failed Interactions in the Report interaction history

Using the interaction history of Reports, you can easily track changes that were made when a Report was completed. We have now added an indicator that allows you to easily see if there are failed Interactions in the history of an Interaction. This indicator will be red if there were failed Interactions. By having this information right at your fingertips, you can quickly and efficiently find problematic checks in your checklists and logs, even if they have already been resolved and passing now.

Previously, there was no way to find failed interactions other than manually opening each interaction history.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Number feedback is saving false positive values in the Assistant which leads to errors in the report

  • Sort function does not work correctly in the reports view of the Editor

  • Missing multi language for "undo" completion of reports

  • After undo the completion of a report, the report language changes always to German language

  • Report title multi language hick-ups

  • Reset of table settings in document section is not done in all cases after leaving the title search

  • Wrong document shown in preview

  • User management table filter set corrupt

  • Order is automatically "canceled" with reference to the "Job start evaluation"

  • Feature / Module table sometimes does not have correct indent

  • User table is not refreshed after changes to a user

  • "Executed by" and "finished by" is not hidden in PDF-Report details

  • Search for titles does not work in calendar view

  • Creation of pivot classes and classes view corrupt

  • QR-Code size and quality limited - notification will advice users of minimum QR-Code size

  • Extra parameters are added to filters from saved classifier

  • Password is mandatory when creating an App type user

  • Delete and duplicate buttons are vise versa in steps and process steps

  • Don't jump to first step when starting editing in a document

  • Classifying without selecting anything possible

  • Trapped when navigating to Intercom Page

  • Rule creation leads to order creation in the past (Dec 2020)

  • Analytics (Reports) shows only DE instructions

  • User still able to create a tag in the Picker

  • Editing of structural characteristics not possible via ASSISTANT

  • Language Change in the Editor is not always processed [GLOBAL MATERIAL]

  • Unnoticed deletion of material [GLOBAL MATERIAL]

  • Add error notification for Creation of Global Material with already existing material number [GLOBAL MATERIAL]

  • Deactivate Classify-Action when nothing is selected in the table

  • "Navigate back" not possible in Report view when opened with a link

  • The table view in different menu in the editor does not scale correctly / Adjust columns wiped out if the browser windows is too small

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