We hope you had a good start into the new year and we also want to bring in valuable improvements right away with a small update.

The modification of existing information will play an important role for us, especially in quarters 1 and 2. More about this in the upcoming updates and changelogs.

Added - new functions

Changing the report structural characteristics

Consequently, in addition to the change of the title, there is now also the change of the structure characteristics in their structural classes.

When a user creates a new document (template), she/he specifies a title and assigns the document to corresponding structural characteristics, which are later applied to all reports generated by this template.

These templates are often used in a generalist way. This means that a template should be created for different machines, products, locations, etc.

edit classes of a report during progress

Until now, names as well as the structural characteristics of the document were those of the report - thus the same.

This changes now. Structure characteristics can also be changed, as well as the report name.

Currently, this is only possible for reports that are currently being executed. Subsequent editing of completed reports will follow.

Changes - improved functions

PDF upload in ASSISTANT via the media feedback interaction.

Some customers already use cioplenu along the entire supply chain. This means that their suppliers also perform checklists and inspection protocols, work instructions and inspections in cioplenu.

Media Feedback interaction within the Assistant

Nevertheless, this is not always possible, which is why we now make it possible to upload PDFs in ASSISTANT using the media feedback interaction.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Fixed: Translation does not work for title partially

  • Fixed: Collaboration icon in the Assistant does not disappear although nobody is in the report anymore

  • Improved sorting of search results (part 1) - more improvements in version 8.9

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