In the final weeks of this exciting and extraordinary year, we continue to work on providing you with further functions and improvements. 2020 has once again shown that paperless, digital production has advantages in all areas, even if only very few people had blocked such an event in their calendars.

Stay healthy, stay with us, and have a good start to 2021.

Added - new functions

Changing the report title

When a user creates a new document (template), he specifies a title that will later be applied to all reports generated from this template. These templates are often used in a generalist way. This means that a template should be created for different machines, products, locations, etc.

Until now, the names of the document and the report were always the same.

This changes now. Report names can be changed.

Renaming of a report

General templates can thus be renamed individually and searched by title in the report section.

Automatically transfer information from completed reports to other systems

Would you like to evaluate the information from completed reports directly in Excel or transfer it to your own dashboard (e.g. MS PowerBI)?

Webhooks enable this simple data synchronization between systems and are therefore particularly useful in the area of reports.

Whenever a report is completed by your colleagues, you will receive the report information via the webhook.

Please feel free to contact our Success team for any questions as well as for the integration of webhooks. They will support you in the configuration and implementation.

You have read correctly. Not only in the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" are bread crumbs to guide the way home.

The advantage: In contrast to the fairy tale, the crumbs guide you safely home.

bread crumb navigation

The navigation called "bread crumbs" is usually located in the upper left area of the report, the order or a task. Simply click on it and you will return "home" to the overview.

Changes - improved functions

CLI Tool function for automatic download of media feedback.

The CLI Tool gets the function to download the media files from the media return to an external system.

For this purpose the following commands are available in the CLI Tool from now on.

cio image-feedback download

cio video-feedback download

For further information please contact our Success Team.

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Missing error message added for language incompatibility of global material and media filed

  • Image description vanished/ cut away in Assistant view | not full image viewable

  • Media and material for scheduled steps and process steps still visible, even they should be hidden

  • Editing rules setup affects past events and will manipulate the schedule unintended

  • Mass creation of PDF reports is limited to 49 reports

  • Assistant Preview for Editor closing button is now on the right instead of left

  • Structural characteristic (classifiers) filtering for reports not working when structural characteristic has no active document attached

  • "null" values in reports table in interaction tag column

  • Wrong notification message for user creation without email

  • The "change category" button is not disabled when multiple global materials are selected

  • Missing line breaks in Assistant order meta information

  • Global media upload window: no completed states causing automatic closing

  • Creating global material with same customId does not show notification

  • Naming and translation for "failed if" in interactions

  • Missing feature permission for xlsx report

  • Editor / Assistant doesn't open in new tap / window with middle mouse button or with open in new tab function

  • Task title on process step is not refreshed after task was edited

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