Properties of structural classes and structural features

  • They serve to structure, organise, classify and characterise content

  • Available for documents, reports, orders, rules, media as well as materials

  • can be linked with each other to show logical dependencies and intelligent filtering Example: You select the location Munich. The other structural characteristics for Munich are now displayed in the corresponding classes

  • can be used for automations and integrations

Organization with the help of structure classes and structure characteristics

  • everywhere in the software

  • can be found centrally via classes

Structure classes for materials and media

Since the procedure for documents, media and materials is the same, we will only describe the steps for materials.

Assigning class characteristics

To do this, go to the Global Material section and select the desired materials. Then click on Actions and then on Classify and assign the desired classes to the selected materials.

define classifers for global material

Filtering by class characteristics in Documents

Open the material interaction, click on Classifiers and filter accordingly.
Note: The upper area shows the materials that are already attached. In the lower section, the global materials you have filtered.

use classifiers to filter for material

To filter media by class characteristics, first go to the Add Media dialogue and select Add Existing Media.

open the media attachment dialog

Afterwards you also have the possibility to filter the images via the button Classifiers in the upper left corner.

classifier search for media

Classify documents

Add structural features to a document

You assign individual class characteristics go to the information tab and click to edit classifiers.

define and edit classifiers for a document

Set structural features for several documents at the same time

You can also assign the same class characteristics to several documents. Select the desired documents and click on classify. The number of selected documents is shown in brackets.

bulk classification of documents in overview

Then select the desired characteristics and confirm the assignment.

Note: Your role requires a corresponding authorization called Documents Mass Classification. If you have any questions, please contact your system administrator.

Classifying orders and rules

Attaching structural features to an order or rule

Changing class characteristics works the same in the Orders section as in the Rules section. Under the Information tab, you can assign or withdraw corresponding characteristics to an order via Edit Classifiers.

edit classifiers for order or rules

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