Change report name in the Assistant during execution

After you have opened a document in the Assistant (and thus created a report), click on the three dots at the top right and on Metainfo.

Now you can type/click directly into the title to write your change.

Change report name in Assistant

In the Meta info you will find both the new report title and the original document name.

Change report name meta info

Change report name in the Reports section

Renaming works in the same way in both the Editor and the Assistant. Go (in the Editor as well as in the Assistant) to the Reports area, open the desired report and click directly in the title in the upper left corner.

Change report name in reports section

Change report name in the Orders section

Renaming the report title in the orders section works simply by clicking in the title and amending the text.

Change report name order section

Best Practice Examples

  • Documents serve as templates for e.g. "Deviation Report". The document is a generic form, valid for a multitude of plants, processes or products, and in case of a deviation, a QR-Code is scanned, which calls up the form (QR-Code article). The deviation report is then filled in and the title is renamed.

  • Users can give individual names to generic reports (e.g. for the maintenance process) and find their report later more easily via search.

  • Reports can be generated from a recurring order. This allows you to differentiate between the individual reports and to search and find them more easily.

Please note ❗

Currently, this function is only possible for reports that have not yet been completed.

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