Changes - improved functionalities

The new table design now also in the section of orders, rules and tasks

The changes in the Tasks section at a glance

New table design in the tasks section

Here are the views of the Rules section...

New table design in the rule section

... and orders.

Please note the possibility to jump to the corresponding rule, which is based on an order, by simply clicking on the link.

Export of structure characteristics in the xlsx and csv report

The output of structural features once again allows to better organize the reports and to pull all data from the cioplenu platform.

If several structural characteristics are assigned, they are listed in a cell separated by commas.

Structural classes and characteristics in an xlsx or csv file

The column header describes the structure class.

Fixed - fixed impairments

  • Display with upload progress for media upload no longer disappears

  • Safety notification pictograms not displayed for offline report from an order

  • Local asset cannot be created because there is no suitable translation

  • Missing translations in the preview area for rules

  • Problems playing video on iOS devices

  • Order can be taken over by another person despite fixed assignment

  • Signature cannot be displayed in Assistant Report

  • Material image cannot be closed in the Assistant when the Media Preview is open

  • Documents and reports are not displayed in the correct language in the dashboard

  • Incorrect display of multiple-choice interactions in xlsx / csv export

Removed - Features that have been removed

Dashboard in the Editor

For future versions, the dashboard will no longer be available in the editor.

Especially the analysis area as well as the new table designs provide much more clarity.

Nevertheless, there will be a completely revised, redesigned and individual dashboard for the Editor in the future.

Until then we are looking forward to your ideas and feedback to [email protected].

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