Added - new functionality

驴hablas espa帽ol? - Software language Spanish available

The cioplenu platform is now also available in Spanish, allowing more users to access the platform in their native language.

We will continue to expand the number of interface languages in the coming months. If you have any requests for future languages, please contact us.

New spanish software interface

Changes - improved functionalities

Schedule Preview for Rules

With rules you control recurring jobs in which you embed documents (reports). These can be executed very individually.

In order to facilitate the operation and to have a look into the planned future, there is now the possibility of a preview.

schedule preview view for rules

The schedule and upcoming recurring jobs are displayed. This view then corresponds to the Assistant view.

Fixed - fixed impairments

  • Task detail view can be opened from the list view on the cell phone

  • Deleted image still visible in the interaction history

  • Missing translation in the Assistant for QR Code and Offline

  • Assigned user for rule and order is not stored

  • Limited emoji support in PDF report 馃槺

  • The camera for media feedback does not work in the Assistant in combination with a laptop or Mac

  • Security problem, due to tasks in documents

  • Pictogram fallback language is not set correctly

  • Interaction history for reports in Assistant does not work properly

  • Operations are displayed in the wizard, although they are not scheduled

  • Updating a global material with a non-activated language via the CLI tool does not automatically activate the language.

  • "Shortcuts" caption on the dashboard in the wizard is hidden by "Jobs

  • Progress bar for upload defective

  • Inconsistent status filtering for jobs in the editor

  • The scroll bar appears in the middle of the screen in the Assistant

  • Centering of texts is deactivated after keyboard input on the iPAD

  • Login via MS Azure SSO not continuously performant

  • Incorrect naming for adding media from memory in the compare step

  • Task creation - missing warning about maximum title length

  • users can create filters even without feature permission "Create filter

  • Media dialog in Creator shows user IDs instead of user names

  • Order search terms by next match in notifications

  • Sorting the search sometimes confused

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