Many of our clients map their complex variant configuration piece by piece using modular documents and structure classes and features.

We continue to work on these powerful functions in this version and look forward to your feedback and ideas.

Added - new functions

"Unbox" modules in a document - create individual templates

We deliver another powerful tool in the field of modular documents for mapping your variants: "Unboxing".

Nested documents can be easily unboxed and the content can be edited individually.

This opens up completely new possibilities in the area of template usage.

unboxing of a module within the document

Automatic status change for real-time status messages, more intuitive operation and more precise evaluations

The functionality at a glance:

  • When you exit a report by clicking the Continue Later button, the status Paused is automatically set for the report

  • This does not happen if someone else is active in the report

  • When the report is opened again, the status is automatically set to in progress

  • The status Problem is not taken into account and can only be changed manually. Reports with Problem will keep their state.

continue later dialog in Assistant

This not only makes operation more intuitive - the status messages of the reports are also displayed in real time. Cycle times are also recorded more precisely and can thus create an even better picture of reality in your Analytics module.

Paused report card

When turning off the tablet, closing the browser or simply putting the tablet away, the status is not changed to avoid inaccuracies.

Sharpening the overview to the essential with the new table design

The changes in the documents area at a glance

  • Checkbox to select for mass operations always available - no ID column has to be shown anymore

Checkbox fixed in the column
  • Color markers for each document depending on its status

different color show status of a document
  • Display a draft below the active document

Drafts below active documents
  • The status filter "Latest version" has been removed

Updated status filter

In addition, the information density has been increased through space savings and a leaner table design.

Changes - improved functions

Document preview now also in the Assistant

In the Assistant it is now possible to access a document preview via the Preview button without opening the report.

Preview of documents in the Assistant

Extended information in .xlsx and .csv export

The interaction tags are now also available in a separate column in the .xlsx and .csv export, so that there is nothing to prevent an evaluation via Excel or PowerPivot.

Removed properties:


Added Properties:


Persistent interaction ID and interaction ID for interactions

For all integrators and automations we offer an important information in the editor with the so-called Persistent Interaction ID and the Interaction ID.

Interaction ID and Persistent Interaction ID

These IDs enable interaction values to be intercepted directly and used in individual workflows, for extended analysis or for other automations.




Interaction ID


ID of this interaction for exactly one document version

Persistent Interaction ID


Platform-wide ID, constant across versions, for tracking input values

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Improved user search handling

  • Fixed: Document stays in edit mode flickering if the language should be changed

  • Calendar in the order section now has seven instead of five weekdays

  • Fixed inaccuracies in the Analytics area regarding the number of documents and reports

  • More precise error message when deleting a document that is currently blocked

  • Missing translation in the tasks area added and corrected

  • Fixed: Message in the Tags section if a Tag already exists and therefore cannot be created twice

  • Fixed: "Week" could not be selected in the recurring order section

  • Fixed: Application language does not change immediately

  • Fixed: Freezing in the report section, after switching to offline mode

  • iOS: Play button and preview image available again

  • Azure Login for initial registration works again without problems after URL conversion

  • Line break in the area of the process steps is consistent again, so that longer texts are not cut off

  • Firefox: Modular document within a document can be reopened even with a longer document name

  • "Cancel" of a published order possible again

  • Fixed: After opening a module there were sometimes problems with the display

  • Fixed: Forwarding to document after login works again

  • Problem with the PDF service when creating reports fixed

  • Arrangement of images in editor corrected

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