The Material section

In the Material section you have an overview of all global materials.
You can add a new material by clicking on the new material button in the upper right corner. A material created at this point is always a global material.

The Material Section

Material within a document

Add material as interaction

Within a document, you can add a material by selecting the material button from the interactions menu. A window will open, where you can select materials and add them to an interaction. Using the button attached to this document, you filter for materials that already belong to your document.

Add material as interaction

Add a new material and choose a material from the global storage

In the header data of the document, under material, you will find an overview of all materials used in the document. From there, you can create a material via actions. This material will be added as a local material.

If you want to select a material from global storage that was not previously added to the material list, click from global storage. The material list will now show you the available global materials. Clicking add selection adds the desired material to the document's material list.

This way you can create new materials and add materials from global storage. You add the materials as already described above, again using the material interaction in a process step.

Materials overview in the document

Differentiation between global and local materials

In cioplenu, a distinction is made between global materials and local ones.

  • Global materials are available for all documents centrally via the menu item Material.

  • Local materials are only stored in a single document and are therefore only available for this document. If a material is only used in a specific document, it is sufficient and useful to include it as local material.

Convert a local material to global or vise versa

In the Status column you can see directly whether the material used is local or global.

Status eines Materials

If you want a local material convert into a global one, pick the material and click on convert to global.

Convert to global

If you want to disconnect a material from the global list, click on disconnect from global.

Disconnect from global

You create a local copy of the material and enable editing without changing the global material.

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