Safari with iOS devices

Apple goes it's own way and if you use the the Chrome browser on iOS devices, it's physically the Safari browser which is used. So we use direct the Safari (min. Version 14.3 recommended) browser.

Which of your Apple devices supports the latest iOS version can be found at:

Note: Updates may cause problems with the Safari browser. Please contact our team if you have any difficulties.

Start up the cioplenu software in the browser

Open the Safari Browser.

Safari Browser Icon

Enter the platform URL in the address line of the browser and confirm the entry. In our example acme is the name of our company.

acme cioplenu app Eingabe in Adressleiste

In the next step we put the app on our start screen so that we have quick access.

Add to Home Screen

Select the button with the Share icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Teilen Button antippen um Starticon zu erstellen

Now select Add to Home screen from the list.

Add to Home Screen Dialog

Optionally you can rename the icon and finally add it to your home screen.

Add to Home Screen Button

On your start screen your named cioplenu app icon will appear.

App Icon on the Home Screen

After touching it, it opens in full screen mode and you can login with your username and password or Azure.

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