Simple technology with resounding success

"QR Code" (Quick Response, as a trademark term "QR Code") is a two-dimensional code developed by the Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. Due to an automatic error correction, this method is very robust and therefore widely used". [Wikipedia]

Nowadays the QR Code is an indispensable part of everyday life.

The code is as simple as it is ingenious and packages any sequence of characters in pixels and boxes.

"This is a QR Code. Scan it and see for yourself what happened."

QR Code example

You see: the text was simply converted into a QR code using a QR code generator.

Beware: QR Codes do not encrypt information. They only display it in another (machine-readable) form.

Linking QR Codes to a document

The cioplenu Platform is equipped with a QR code generator. Enter the desired text into the QR Code field in the Information section of the Editor Creator. Then click on Create QR Code.

QR Code creation and download

Then click on the download icon to download and print the code as an image.

Created QR Code

The cool thing: The QR Code is now automatically linked to the document.

You can link several documents with the same QR Code.

Switch to the Assistant and there to the QR Code Scanner.

If you now scan the QR Code, a list of the linked documents is provided.

QR-Code Scanner in the Assistant

QR Codes in practice

Maintenance of machines

Assign QR codes to the maintenance checklists for your machines Then attach the QR codes to the machines. By simply scanning the codes, your employees can access the appropriate documents for the machines - for example, the maintenance checklists.

QR-Codes in der Wartung

Checklists for external parties

Scan the following code with your smartphone or tablet:

QR Code als Link (extern)

Über QR-Codes können Sie Dokumente, welche für Externe relevant sind, einfach bereitstellen, indem Sie die URL-Adresse des Dokuments in einen QR-Code umwandeln.

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