After the big changes of the last time we want to pay more attention to the small and important things in the software.

We have small but nice features for this release in our luggage, which can make your work easier. Furthermore, the coming quarter will be dedicated to improving existing logic and functionality.

Stay healthy and provide us your honest feedback.

Added - new functions

Inserting media made much easier - globally and locally.

Your documents live from media and simple documentation using images and videos. That's why we took a closer look at the attachment of media to a document - and made the process much faster.

The new media overview accesses local and global media. Filter what you are looking for, select the media and insert them with a single click.

Hinzufuฬˆgen von Medien zu einem Arbeitsgang im Editor

With the changer (1) the image size can be changed. Furthermore, the media can still be filtered by type (2).

Medien Typ Auswahl im Medienfenster

Attention Errors - Notes of the software for users

Error messages and hints can be frightening and distracting. Not every message of the software is equally important. That's why we have made the design and behavior of important and less important notification messages much more consistent for our users.

Fehlermeldung im Editor

Error messages and hints of the software now always appear in the upper right half of the screen.


A simple color logic allows you to classify them immediately.


You can simply ignore hints if there is no need for action, but they provide you with important information, and hints disappear automatically after a short time, while error messages must be actively closed.

Faster start in the morning

To start murdering where you left off in the evening becomes a little easier. The assistant gets a small update in the dashboard.

The view is user specific and takes into account set filters and job assignments.

Assistant Dashboard

Changes - improved functions

Application language now in the profile area of the sidebar

We would like to point out a small change in the sidebar area.

The language setting for the software interface is now located below the user profile.

Anwendungsprache aฬˆndern

Create document simpler design

Another small but nice change is hidden behind the button New Document.

Neues Dokument Button

The document wizard has been significantly streamlined. Instead of four steps, it is now possible to create documents in just one step. This saves time and provides a better overview.

Neuer Dialog zur Erstellung von Dokumenten

Fixed - Fixed functional impairments

  • Change notice for the user of a new version no longer appears again after confirmation

  • Images with low height and large width are no longer blurred

  • MS Azure login problems fixed

  • MS Azure initial login problems for new users fixed

  • partially incorrect forwarding to Assistant was fixed

  • Calculation of the number of disclosures in the PDF report was corrected

  • Problems with sharing instructions for external users have been fixed

  • Missing translations were added

  • Renaming of the Analytics division from "last year" to "last 12 months

  • Fixed inconsistencies in naming in the media management area

  • Fixed incorrect translation for "Last version" in the orders section

  • Document ID column has been widened to easily display four-digit IDs

  • Improve or fix performance for many number return interactions

  • Error message added, if a material with the same material number should be created

  • Offline mode problems with the "Service Worker" of the browser fixed

  • Safety instructions are now displayed again for externally shared documents

  • Fixed: Media returns were temporarily not output in the PDF report

  • set filters now remain consistent when switching between Editor and Assistant

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the Analytics area, where values from modular documents were also taken into account

  • Fixed: Recurring 4-weekly orders still appear every 2 weeks

  • Duplicating operations with images unintentionally led to problems if they were removed later

  • Problems with displaying the step description solved

  • Edit button now remains visible even after a document has been published

  • Media feedback is now displayed in the order of media upload

  • Selecting "Reset all" in the filter area caused the set filter to be deleted

  • minor improvement of the UI for iOS devices

  • Fixed: Base ID and Report ID were displayed incorrectly in the PDF

  • Automator now creates documents not only in German language - language selection added

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