With the latest version we have again many small improvements and one big change in the background for you.

We thank you for your feedback and will put it directly into action. This includes many minor functional impairments that you reported to us, which have also been fixed.

Furthermore we are looking forward to your feedback on the software! Please use our surveys and the possibility to contact our support team.

Added - Long awaited and finally available

Moving to a united web address

We will bring the two applications EDITOR and ASSISTANT closer together and make them available together under one web address.

editor and assistant unified in one web address

This means that your complete cioplenu platform address is


All other important information can be found in this changelog article.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the familiar ways by messenger or by email to [email protected].


Advanced document classification and organization

Structure classes and their structural characteristics enable you to organize documents, orders and reports across the Platform. They lay the foundation for comprehensive automation and integration with other IT-systems.

We are constantly working on improving this powerful functionality and would like to present another small improvement.

In the documents section, you can now also show a checkbox by displaying the "ID" column via adjust columns.

Then select your documents as you wish and click on Classify to assign desired class characteristics to these documents.

classification of documents in the document view

In addition, the filter menu now contains a new option Connected only. This allows to hide all unconnected characteristics and display only connected characteristic values (otherwise they are displayed in grayish font).

only connected and clear selection buttons in filter menu

Use clear selection to deselect all structural characteristics.

Changed - improved function

Immediate change of the title in the document

Long desired and now finally there is the function to change the title of the document directly. Just click on the title in the Editor-Creator and change it.

Change title directly in the header


Improved handling in the area of multilingualism of documents

Switching between the different languages of documents in the Editor can be done with a simple drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the document.

switch between document languages

Display of material number in the material interaction in the document

The company-specific material number can now be displayed directly in the material interaction in the Assistant (as well Editor). This makes the information directly visible beyond the material area.

material number in document view

Markers in images for highlighting

In order to mark facts in captured images, it is now possible to draw directly into the image after the upload of the media feedback.

media feedback drawing in pictures

The media feedback is then loaded into the protocol including the markers.

If you would like to try this feature please contact our Success and Support Team at [email protected].

Fixed - fixed functional impairments

  • Fixed double line break instead of single line break for process steps and interaction descriptions

  • Fixed missing module name after adding a step

  • Uploading an offline report without order reference fixed

  • Added missing translations in the sidebar

  • Fixed missing page spacing in the view in the order section in Mozilla Firefox

  • Editing structural classes and characteristics of an order unintentionally jumps back to order overview

  • Fixed incorrect labeling of the field "date of birth"

  • Comparison mode in the Analytics section was not displayed next to each other but below each other

  • Missing function entry for "Filter" under Settings and Features added

  • PDF Viewer with problems when opening multiple PDFs fixed

  • Structural characteristics are not displayed in the filter sidebar for very specific setup fixed

  • Functional impairment when calculating the start and end date of orders fixed

  • Orders do not appear as published for the Assistant under certain circumstances fixed

  • Functional impairment of the structure class filter, where under certain circumstances no entries are displayed, fixed

  • Features in Settings for "Tasks" do not work without another feature entry fixed

  • Report is generated despite deactivated automatic report generation

  • Fixed problems in the title search of reports in the Analytics section

  • Missing multilingual description of pictograms added

  • Temporary functional impairment during autoscrolling in the Assistant fixed

  • Simplified creation of structure classes and characteristics through highlighted, mandatory fields

  • Improved thumbnail performance creation

  • Fixed language inconsistencies when getting forwarded to the Knowledge Base

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