We wish you great summer holidays and a nice and cool summer breeze. Even this year´s holidays will be somehow different to the times before, it is time to have a break and enjoy the great weather.

In the meantime, we continue on with major changes for the user interface and user experience.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Added - Long awaited and finally available

Consistent data for analysis and auto-validation in your interactions - the number feedback interaction

Finally the target-actual interaction will be refitted and replaced by the number feedback.

Button for number feedback interaction

With this change no target value is mandatory anymore in the absolute tolerance modus. Anywhere you want to validate number values in a document, this interaction is the correct choice.

This allows you to have consistent data for all numbers in your documents for auto-validation as well great analytics potentials.

number feedback interaction example

The interaction is fully supported by auto-reporting via failed status, further analytics and extended features up to come.

Of course, target-actuals are possible with this interaction.

The older target actual interaction will expire but is still fully supported. For new target-actuals please use the number feedback.

old target actual interaction in the editor view

Increased overview for documents and de-cluttering step types | media attached to process steps

We believe in constant improvement - even this sometimes means breaking with proven patterns. Therefore we changed the way media are attached to process steps to make document creation and image assignment way easier.

Thus, media will show up and assigned now directly below a process step. Drag and drop them between process steps as you want.

drag and drop assignment of media from process step to process step

Multi-assignment of one image to multiple process steps is therefore clearer and better understandable.

We keep old but gold features with the preview bar on the right plus adding additional fast editing for images within.

Your advantages:

  • no difference between checklists and work instructions anymore

  • fast, more intuitive media assignment between process steps by drag and drop

  • increased information overview and leaner documents especially for skilled users

  • better usability for mobile devices in the future

The Assistant view also changed likewise to have space better utilized.

Assistant view of the new media in process steps

We keep the split screen media viewer especially for assembly use cases and a detailed view. For the key-based navigation this is also the standard view and we keep everything the same - but better.

Changed - improved function

More space and clearer structure for information in interactions

We took the feedback from the interactions seriously. Consequently multi-line description for interactions will be supported with this version providing you more options to arrange your textual content.

Multi line for interaction descriptions

This is available for every interaction description.

Offline bulk allocation of reports for offline maintenance checklists or assembly document

Sometimes network connection is impossible. No need to go back to the old world. With the offline feature we already have an emergency way to use checklists and instructions on your device.

For more advanced offline usage, we added a highly requested feature to the offline modus. Using reports offline out of an order will be a lot easier and less time consuming for the download of the documents.

With just a tap you can download all reports of an order to your device for offline usage.

Download of offline documents out of an order

After usage and back within your network, the upload is also manageable with only one tap.

We continue on further improving the offline section to also allow you download reports more than one time and ease the usage further for the offline scenarios.
Anyhow - using the software online brings you major advantages.

Get information easier in PDF reports

Especially for multiple PDF report the file names were often identical. We solved this issue with a new syntax to provide all important information at one glance.


An example:

200712_202_1928_Maintenance Machine ABC

Besides that the download button for PDFs has shifted to the upper right corner to have more screen space for the reports.

PDF download button in the upper right screen area

Also have a look into the PDF report. We increased the sheet utilization and implemented the icons you know from the app report view. Beside that, more PDF improvements up to come in future releases.

Cleaner look and assigned media for process steps in the report section

As well for the in-app report section we shifted to the new media assignment to process steps.

This provides all media (images, videos and PDFs) in the correct process step in your report view.

Improved Report UI for a better overview

Also the icons got a fresher look increasing overview.

Create basic documents automatically via the CLI tool

For all integrators and CLI tool users we have some exiting news. The new CLI tool release provides you the options to create steps and process steps including an instruction via the CLI.

You are also able to attach PDFs and media via the interface automatically and assign these created media to the desired process step.

This enables you for further automatizations regarding bulk creation of documents in the cioplenu Platform from existing documentations.

Feel free to reach out to our Professional Service Specialists to get more information and your personal consultant for such automatizing projects.

Fixed - fixed functional impairments

  • conversion from local to global material and media immediately with better UX

  • preventing to jump back to the order overview in Assistant after starting the order

  • fixed a dislocated closing button for iOS devices for PDFs in Assistant

  • minor issues with the creation of tags solved in the data center

  • Video jumps back to start by choosing full screen

Removed - Features that have been removed

"Review" in management section

We cleaned up the management section and removed the "Review".

Filter in Review in the search section

You can easily search for documents in review within the search by selecting the status filter "in Review" in the left filter bar.

Coming up soon

Analyse and filter specific interactions - tagged interactions

You will be able to tag interactions to analyze the usage, entries and statistics.

Selection of Tags in report table

Tags will also be shown in the reports overview providing you report insides like serial numbers.

More space, easier navigation - the new sidebar

A new sidebar for Editor (Creator) and Assistant bringing you more space for real work and faster navigation.

The new sidebar for editor and assistant
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