You can extend existing structure classes with additional structure characteristics.

In our example, we want to add a new class characteristic to the Product class.

Different class characteristics for the class Product

For this you need the appropriate permissions for the System Settings.

Open the System Settings in the left menu bar and select Class Characteristics.

You get an overview of all Class characteristics existing on the platform.

By clicking the New class characteristics Button - upper right - you can create a new class characteristic.

Now you can maintain the properties of the class characteristic.

First select the class for which you want to create the characteristic.

Then you maintain the properties of the characteristic (attributes).

In the screenshot below we have already entered the first two attributes of the class feature 000017086 and Example product 17086.

Create a class characteristic

If there is a dependency between classes, you can also maintain this via a dropdown menu and thus establish the connection.

In our example, Example product 17086 belongs to Class C (Aviation and Space).

Selection of the dependency in the class characteristic

Important: Fill in all the properties. The properties are customized to your platform and defined by your company.

After creating the characteristic, this appears in the filter overview under the corresponding class.

Filter with new structure class characteristic
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