As promised 7.13 and 7.14 will introduce and complete the shift to new interaction user interface and handling. We worked hard on an easier, cleaner and faster way to create interactive documents.

The new UI and UX will decrease your effort creating checklists and work instruction by another 20% and give you even more options for auto-evaluation.

Added - Long awaited and finally available

Assistant Document Preview for Editor Creation mode

You ask for it, we created it.

Preview Button in Editor

Yes, we have the document preview for the Assistant view available in the Editor now!

document preview in editor


New look, new features, more power

With 7.11 we started, in 7.12 we continued and with 7.13 we going to finalize the interaction user interface shift.

Of course we will continue improving the handling and interface.

The new dedicated interaction descriptions will allow you now to provide dedicated interaction information without creating a new process step.

New compact interactions with description

Interaction options immediately available at creation will decrease your effort in creating new checklists.

New features and design of interactions

Definitions, when an interaction fails, allows you to quick define, when to provide "no pass" results at the reports. This auto-evaluation feature allows you decrease report evaluation after report completed and - even more - provides you valuable analytics data.

Fail if auto evaluate

With Analytics, only focus on the real issues. Easy identify them, document them, solve them.

Changed - improved function

Classifiers and Classifier Entries for CLI

With this version we will also support creation of classifiers and classifier entries via the CLI tool. This enables you to automatize classifier setup and integrate it to your other IT systems.

Contact our Customer Success Experts to get your customized integration and automatization concept for a customized classifier structure.

Table Design changes

A new table design adds more overview to the document and report overviews in order to bring more calm to the application.

new table user interface in editor

Hourly recurring orders (Beta)

We also added further value to the powerful feature of recurring orders. With "hourly" we enable you to map your shifts and daily recurring jobs.

This feature is available for testing. Please contact us, if you need more information and more information about how it will help you.

Fixed - fixed functional impairments

  • Windows 10 camera issues with media feedback solved

  • Link interaction allows also http urlĀ“s to be inserted

  • Windows 10 image editor issues solved with shapes

  • performance issues with modular (nested) documents solved

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