What is a document

A document in cioplenu can be everything, such as work instructions, checklists, safety instructions, test protocols, assembly instructions, etc.

In cioplenu you can create the classic types of industrial documentation. Faster. Easier. Ready to anaylze.

These include, for example, assembly instructions, route maps, packaging instructions, maintenance checklists, maintenance instructions, setup instructions, repair instructions, audit checklists or test reports.

Here is an insight into a selection of sample documents:

Assembly instructions

  • The classic: The work instructions, assembly instructions, work description,...pictures and videos are supplemented by texts. We also create a hybrid with the optional integration of interactions for quality assurance.


  • Von der Gedankenst├╝tze bis hin zur Audit relevanten Inbetriebnahme Checkliste. Nutzen Sie auch hier Medien, Materialien und verschiedene Interaktionen, um Ihre Prozesse sicherzustellen.


  • Unpopular, but crucial: the protocol - a multitude of interactions ensures quality and allows you to provide evidence of all activities.

Quality checklists

  • Comprehensive quality check lists paired with work instructions offer you the possibility to ensure the documentation of important information. Automatic evaluations and analyses give you the information superiority.
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