Inside a document you can use a selection list. Therefore you can easily configure whether you want to use a multiple or a single choice selection.

With the Multiple Choice option a multiple selection can be made later in the Assistant, whereas with the Single Choice option the radio button function is activated in your document, so that exactly one item can be selected from the list.

Multiple Choice and Single Choice also differ graphically in the Assistant.

Create a selection list

Proceed as follows to create a selection list.

First click on the Plus in one step and then select the Multiple-Choice interaction.

Insert multiple / single choice selection

Now you can enter the first selection value and click on the Plus sign to enter as many further values as you like.

Create a list for Multiple Choice selection

If you want to activate the Single Choice function, i.e. only one item can be selected from a selection list, activate this option as follows

Activating Single Choice

The look of a selection list in the Assistant

In a multiple choice list, the selected items are marked with a check mark. While in the Single Choice List the selection box takes on a round shape and exactly one point can always be selected.

The Multiple Choice selection in the Assistant
The Single Choice selection in the Assistant

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