With the Multiple-Choice selection, a multiple selection can be made later in the Assistant. Use this function, for example, to describe the properties of a component or a process more easily by providing the user with specifications. The Single-Choice selection, on the other hand, forces the user to select one of many options from a list.

This can be used, for example, for questionnaires and error categorization.

Create a selection list

Click on the interaction button in the upper right corner of the document and select Multiple Choice.

Interaction mutliple-choice

Now you can enter the first selection value and click on the Plus sign to enter as many further values as you like.

Create a list for Multiple Choice selection

Activate the Single-Choice option with a click on the Single choice checkbox.

Single Choice Option Button

Automatic evaluation

If it is possible to clearly define in the set up selection when it should be faulty, this can be defined in advance. Activate failed, if and define the when this is the case.

Fail if definition in a single choice list

Selection lists in the Assistant

In a multiple choice list, the selected items are marked with a check mark.

The Multiple Choice selection in the Assistant

While in the Single Choice List the selection box takes on a round shape and exactly one point can always be selected.

The Single Choice selection in the Assistant

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