As with 7.11, the 7.12 Version will bring huge changes and a lot of new features to the cioplenu Platform.

We will release 7.13 immediately afterwards with further additional improvements and changes to the user interface.

Beside that the working title "Tag Team" already gives a sneak peak below the surface: We already focussing on new areas.

Added - Long awaited and finally available

Multiple and single choice | the new interaction type

We introduce a new interaction: Multiple Choice.

Pre-define values which the Assistant user can select. This creates the option for multi-selection questionnaires.

The Multiple Choice selection in the Assistant

Of course you can also change to the option Single Choice for only one out of many choices.

The Single Choice selection in the Assistant

This allows you to systematical record information for your daily business and identify patterns and levers for improvements.

example for Multiple Choice

New look and features for the EditorĀ“s interactions

With 7.11 we started with the change of the UI and UX in the Assistant. With 7.12 we continue with the Editor.

The new interaction design

Also have a look at the new dedicated interaction descriptions. These will allow you now to provide dedicated interaction information without creating a new process step.

In 7.13 we continue to shift all interactions over to the new look with new features.

Changed - improved function

Modules are now Functions

Permissions are now API Permissions. Modules are Functions. Why this renaming? Because we want to be more consistent. If you want to allow a user to use a specific function in the tool use Functions.

API Permissions are only applicable to integration administrators for specific customization.

Beside that, we did minor improvements on the handling of functions. The standard cioplenu roles (ASSISTANT_USER, EDITOR, ...) are hidden now and you can focus on your customized roles.

Renamed Functions

Redesigned login screen

The login page already welcomes you with the new user interface languages and style.

new login page

Fixed - fixed functional impairments

  • PDF report: showed all media feedback, even deleted media

  • PDF report: incorrect page break fixed

  • PDF report: unifying font height and style

  • PDF report: rearrange information cards

  • PDF report: delete order information, if report was not attached to an order

  • Function table: column width aligned to text length

  • Orders: recurring order table due dated showed the wrong date

  • Tasks missing in the Assistant dashboard menu

  • Browser information text overlaps with design on small devices

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