We have adjusted the presentation of the documents in the Assistant viewer.

The new interface allows faster navigation through the application with fewer clicks. Change the status of a document via the Step Overview or quickly jump to another step.

The new design helps you to reach further functions within the Assistant faster and easier with a slimmer interface. Thereby we improve the handling also on mobile devices.

The new settings menu

Here you have quick access to the language settings, the overview, media and materials as well as meta information.

Click on the three dots at the top right to access the settings.

Settings menu of the Assistant-Viewer

The Step-Overview

The following options are available via the Step Overview, which can be accessed via the V button in the header to the right of the document name.

The Step Overview of the Assistant viewer

You can jump directly to each individual step

In the Step Overview you can open and edit each step directly with a simple click.

You can quickly complete a document

If all steps have been finished correctly, you can open the Step Overview and complete the document from there. This function is particularly useful if you cannot process a document at one time, but have to add some points at a later time.

Complete a document by the Step-Overview

Alternatively, you can work your way through the document step by step. At the end you can use the Finalize button.

Finalize a document

You can change the status of a document

In the header of the Step Overview you will find the status and can now easily switch it.

Change a document status in the Step-Overview

Of course there is an alternative available here as well.

To do so, please go back to the settings menu via the three dots in the upper right corner and select the meta info. There you will find the possibility to change the status.

Change document status in the Metainfo

How you can discard a document or continue it later?

If you want to discard a document or continue later, please click on the X in the header line to the left of the document name.

Discard a document or continue it later in the Assistant-Viewer

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