Added - Long awaited and finally available

The new look - new user interfaces for the Assistant

We are currently revising the cioplenu software and will be optimizing its appearance and simplifying its handling on a piecemeal basis. Last time the Orders section got its facelift, this time we have adapted the presentation of the documents in the Assistant-Viewer.

The new interface allows faster navigation through the application with fewer clicks. Change the status of a report and jump to another step in the same interface.

New step overview and status bar in Assistant

The look serves you with a lighter and leaner interface with additional software features only a touch away. This also improves usability on mobile devices.

New alternative menu for media, material or langauges

The software should serve the user by focussing on the important things and getting things done.

E-Mail Notification for Tasks

Task management enables all platform user to report, track and trace as well collaborate with each other in a very seamless and smooth way.

We now introduced the first notification. Enabling you to receive e-mails if a task is assigned to you. This will be the beginning for e-mail notification and we appreciate your feedback and ideas.

You will find this in the user settings.

Email notification

Status filter in report section

The new report status result filter in the Status column allows you to filter for passed reports with no failures. Or wise versa filtering out only the report causing problems in your environment.

Status filter in report section

This allows you to focus on the important things first with just a glance.

Counter for modular document

Modules are used intensively and enjoy great popularity. From now on you can use adjust columns in Search to show how often the document is used as a module and how many modules it contains.

Modular document counter in adjust columns

Changed - improved function

CLI tool advanced commands

  • provide progress history via CLI

  • user push-instruction --lang for pushing language parameter to an user

Contact us for further consultation in term of integrations and automatizations.

Settings: Renaming of the "modules" to "functions

For an easier understanding "Modules" became "Functions" from this version on.

Functions in the settings secetion

As before, the features and permissions for roles can be managed here.

Fixed - fixed functional impairments

  • Switching between Assistant-Viewer, Tasks and back to Assistant-Viewer creates a new report instead of jumping back to the existing one

  • Analytics: Label and link corrected for media-feedback analytics

  • Improved the performance for documents with many interactions

  • Popup notification for Editor users if internet connection has been lost

  • Pictures on WIN10 devices were rotated automatically and did not appear immediately in the picture editor

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