"We have already procured notebooks, tablets and smartphones and would
like to continue to use these devices."

"We use Apple iPhones."

"We want to use inexpensive Android tablets."

"On which devices does the cioplenu software work?"

The cioplenu platform is hardware independent. An investment in new hardware is not a must. cioplenu enables you to plan long-term independently.
This allows you to use the software, regardless of the operating system, on any device with any current browser and Internet connection.

The software is engineered to be independent of device manufacturer (Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.) and operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.).

Older devices with a current browser can also be used to use the cioplenu Platform.

If you would like to purchase new tablets and smartphones in particular, take a look at our Guideline Hardware Recommendation with end devices that we have tested and found to be good.

Touch displays are not mandatory. The software can also be used in the shop floor via external connected devices such as keyboards or buttons.

Only a modern browser is required.

We recommend the Chrome Browser. Furthermore, you can also use Mozilla Firefox or the latest version of the Microsoft Edge Browser.

A stable internet connection via LAN, WLAN or mobile network is also required.

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