"We have locations abroad and I need the document for my employees in three different languages and in German. I would like to create only one document. Is that possible?"

"Can my colleagues also use the software in China or Poland?"

Multilingualism of documents, media and materials

You can create and maintain your work instructions and checklists in any language. This also applies to the media and material labels that you use within the software.

Document Languages

How to find the language setting


Language settings for documents


Language settings for media


Language settings for material

Regardless of the language, the structure, document layout, numbers and units remain language independent. Videos, images and materials are displayed and can be used in any language.

Advantage: With only one document incl. a versioning history you manage any language. Simply translate the texts into the appropriate language and make them available with a few mouse clicks.

Multilingual user interface of the software

The user interface of the software is also currently available in the following languages:

Software Interface Languages

If you cannot find your language on the list, please contact us.

Automatic translation via translation application

Automatic translation, for example via "Google Translate", is not active because translation applications have problems with technical terms. This leads to an insufficient quality of the translation. Furthermore, we do not send any data from the cioplenu platform to third parties in order to guarantee data protection and data security.

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