"How is my data stored on the cioplenu platform?"

cioplenu uses the services of Microsoft Azure for hosting.

Your data is stored on Microsoft servers in fully protected data centers. These are located in the "Western Europe Cloud" by default and can be moved to any other region at your request.

Why does cioplenu rely on Microsoft Azure?

For decades, Microsoft has been meeting the high requirements of industry and authorities for the storage, management and transfer of data. In addition to high data security, the Azure Cloud offers you excellent integration options. MS Azure is regularly certified according to modern and valid standards. This includes the ISO 27001/27017/27018 certificates and the BSI C5 certification issued by the German Federal Ministry for Information Security.

More information can be obtained:
Microsoft Trust Center.

Microsoft Compliance Offers

Verschl├╝sselte Daten├╝bertragung - Redundante Speicherung

"What encryption is used and how is my data secured on the cioplenu platform?" 

"How secure is my data?"

"How do they guarantee the security of our data?"

Protection against unauthorised access

The cioplenu servers are secured against unauthorized access using state-of-the-art methods such as SSH or VPN.

Our infrastructure team works with personalized accounts, which are additionally secured by two-factor authentication (2FA) via hardware tokens.

Protection during transmission

Your cioplenu platform is only accessible via encrypted connections. For HTTPS connections we use TLS 1.3 encryption.

Protection against data loss

All data is stored redundantly and is therefore protected against data loss. In addition to the physical and virtual protection of the data centers by Microsoft, cioplenu automatically performs daily backups of your data.

Data on the Platform

Your data - your property

Your data is your property throughout. The cioplenu platform is only used to store your data. All documents, pictures, videos, materials, created reports and orders as well as any content belong to you at any time.

You have the right to delete this data completely at any time.

Data protection compliant data processing

In the course of using cioplenu, personal data may be processed by cioplenu on your behalf. This occurs, for example, when your employees use our support.

The agreement on data processing ("ADP") specifies the obligations of both parties to comply with the applicable data protection law, in particular the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

What happens to your data when you terminate the contract with cioplenu?

Your data is your property throughout. After the termination of the contract with cioplenu, you will receive the data provided as an export.

The data are:

  • all database entries i.e. texts, time data or data states. These are provided in JSON format.

  • all images, video and PDF files. These are provided in the corresponding original format.

  • all processed images. These are provided in SVG format.

  • other files or interfaces that have been created within the scope of your contract and have not already been handed over. These are provided in the appropriate formats, e.g. python, PowerPoint or as a CSV file.

After successful handover of the data to you, your data will be permanently and irreversibly removed from our systems with a comprehensive data cleansing process, so that no recovery is possible.

During the entire usage you have the possibility to access and use all data via standard interfaces.

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