Long awaited and finally available

  • Analytics module: Time recording
    The time recording in the process accompanying documentation allows the identification of optimization potentials such as too long waiting times.
    Note: For data protection reasons this functionality is deactivated by default. In addition, data can optionally be recorded anonymously..

  • Structural classes for global assets (media and materials)
    To simplify administration, search and filtering, media (videos, PDF, image files) and materials can now be assigned to structural classes.

Improved function

  • CLI-Tool (Integration)
    Enhancement of the CLI tool with the possibility to create, update, read and delete user-specific material numbers of global materials.

  • General Improvements
    - Modular Documents: Better overview of dependencies in the modular tree (editor) through zoom and scroll
    - Modular Documents: Easier identification of modules with long titles by increasing the maximum title length displayed in the editor view
    - User Administration: Reduction of administration efforts through the possibility of multiple assignment or modification of roles and filters for selected users.

Fixed functional impairments

  • Elimination of display issues on mobile devices (iOS, Android) e.g. in the parking section.

  • Difficulties with key-based navigation (expert functionality) solved:
    Reactivation of key-based navigation between steps, operations and media. Prevention of conflicting multiple assignments of individual keys.

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