Long awaited and finally available

  • Analytics Module
    The “Analytics” module enables the analysis and comparison of errors and document usage in the Platform.
    Create a data basis for future process and quality improvements. Compare different structural elements with each other and create a valuable operational and strategic basis for decision-making.

  • Task Management
    Dedicated “Task Management” allows you to create follow-up tasks from within a document or independently.
    The participants can use these to exchange information and the processing can be tracked precisely.

  • Role Management
    From version 7.6 on, the role and permission management is simplified by “Modules”.
    These contain the permissions and features for roles on the Platform and simplify the administration significantly.
    Starting with version 7.8, the Platform no longer supports two roles per user for reasons of simple role administration. However, existing double assignments can still be used.

Improved function

  • General Improvements
    – Improved image capturing quality for WIN 10 devices in the Assistant
    – Automatic validation of URLs for link interactions
    – Removal of the Report ID barcode in the PDF Report
    – Language switching for multilingual reports in the “Reports” section
    – UI and UX improvements for easier operation

Fixed functional impairments

  • Trouble with search in Global Materials fixed

  • Inverted images for Microsoft Surface 1 Tablet corrected

  • Fixed incorrect page break in PDF Report

  • Search now also considers document titles with “+” characters

  • Video conversion progress is preserved even after browser refresh

  • Button hidden image assignment fixed

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