Improved function

  • Platform Modules Administration
    The introduction of modules significantly ease role administration (and thus user administration). The access to individual sections and modules in the software is no longer managed via “permissions”, thus displayed in modules in handy packages.
    The transition to modules is done step by step and we accompany you during the seamless transition.

  • Structural Characteristics (Classifier) Lock for Modular Documents selection and orders
    Locked classifiers for users are now also applied to the modular document selection as well the document attachment to orders.
    This completes the feature set and allows focused work with less effort even more.

  • Material numbers and description
    Materials have not only been given a new table view. Each material can now be given its own “material number” and “material description”.
    These can be synchronized from other systems via the API and the CLI tool.

Fixed functional impairments

  • Faulty button in orders

  • Problems with language adoption in Global Materials

  • Offline progress bar corrected

  • Pictogram description complete

  • Permission fix for Use Global Assets

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