Long awaited and finally available

  • Change between modules
    This feature finally allows you to easily switch between Editor and Assistant. Just click on the grid in the upper left corner of your screen to switch the module.

  • PDF Report "Compact"
    Many customers require a compact, one to two page PDF report with all essential information. This is now available in the “Reports”-section behind “PDF Report”. We have also created additional output options to show and hide specific information for the report.

  • Recurring Orders in own section
    To increase the overview and to manage recurring orders more easily, you will find all recurring orders with corresponding rules in the new “Rules” section under “Orders”.

Improved function

  • Simplified search for interaction values
    Values entered in interactions can now be searched for – and found much more easily – by using the search bar in the “Reports” section.

  • Material overview in modular documents
    Previously, in documents with modules (other documents), the materials were not displayed in the parent document. With the new version, this is gone and a thing of the past.

  • Manage user account
    Users, regardless of their roles and permissions, can change their password independently. Furthermore, additional user information such as email address, department and preferred language can be set and changed.

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