Long awaited and finally available

  • Request Interaction
    The Request-Interaction allows you to easily connect two systems for workflows and information exchange.
    You can use a URL/URI to send data to other systems with web-interface or request data. This enables simple but individual integrations for every document creator.

  • Link Interaction
    The interaction type “Link” allows to link a homepage or a folder from the platform to another system.

  • Change Notification
    If an instruction or checklist is changed – thus a new version is published – a change notification can be activated.
    The Assistant user receives the change notification when the document is opened. This message must be confirmed in order to start the document or report.
    This ensures changes are clearly communicated and understood by users.

  • Additional Data for orders
    The field “additional data” in the order section can be edited on both sides – Editor and Assistant – and serves as an important reference field. Serial number, order number or other identifiers can be stored here. The “additional data” can be displayed and searched via “Adjust columns” in the order overview as well.

Improved function

  • "Orders" module improvement
    Further improvement for order management and handling.
    – “Last version” always gets the current version of the document before the order starts
    – Editing of order meta information, assignment, priority, start date and due date after order release possible
    – Duplicating of recurring orders
    – Same document can be assigned to different users
    – Compact view for attached reports of one order for a better overview
    – Improvement of the order view in Assistant

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