Long awaited and finally available

  • Barcode and QR-Code as input
    With each entry in an interaction “value pair”, a barcode or QR-code (also Data-Matrix codes) can now be scanned via the device camera to conduct a code-to-text entry.

  • Restricting Access Using Filters
    Use filters to define which users should or must not see documents on the platform. Now you can lock filters at the classifier level. The user is then restricted to the areas assigned to him or her and will find all relevant documents there.

  • Report generation at document level
    Decide at document level whether reports are created automatically – or whether no report must be created for the document at all.

  • Deliver media content more clearly and quickly
    A media carousel enables the user to quickly switch between various media. Access to media is made easier and content is understood more quickly.

Improved function

  • Share documents
    The sharing and passing on of work instructions, checklists or documentation to others is significantly simplified. Create access links for both internal and external (no platform user required) users to access the document. This enables you to make information and knowledge available in a document with minimal effort – along the entire value chain – taking external and internal users into account.

  • Searchable interaction values in reports
    Finding input values is now very easy. With the new interaction search, you can search through all input and transmitted values by users – and of course in combination with other parameters such as date, assigned user or classifier. This reduces the search time to a minimum.

  • Report status
    For easy status management and quick problem identification a status display at report level enables is introduced. Should a delay or a problem occur during the processing of a checklist or an instruction, you can now make this visible to all parties involved in real time through the dedicated status “paused”, “in progress” and “problem”.

  • Full screen media view - new step type
    Use the new step-type “Tutorial” to display a media over one page. PDFs can be used immediately; pictures and videos enable the transmission of complicated information with little effort and yet unknown depth of detail.

  • Improved status filters
    In the Search, Orders and Reports sections, the status filters have been reworked to achieve even more combinations for easy finding and precise filtering.

  • Improved documentation for the CLI Connector Tool
    The CLI Connector tool Version 0.10 is now available for software version 7.3 to easily integrate new and extended functions into your existing systems, even from outside. In addition, the documentation has been improved and will be enriched with programming examples in the coming versions.

  • Enlarged thumbnails, local to global and PDF thumbnail
    Images, videos and PDFs can be enlarged for better identification in the media overview. In addition, media from a document can be made available to everyone via the global media. PDF have also received a thumbnail for preview

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