Long awaited and finally available

  • Schedule and execute recurring orders/tasks
    Certainly you have a large number of recurring activities that need to be executed on daily, three-day, every Wednesday, weekly, half-monthly or in another special repetition. Describe these activities in checklists, protocols and work instructions, attach these documents to an order and schedule it with the desired repetition interval. Depending on the schedule, the order/task is automatically provided to the user and can be executed.

Improved function

  • Duplication of steps and process steps
    The creation of documents, especially checklists, is now even more efficient. By duplicating individual steps or process steps, you can create content faster.

  • Change history of interactions for exact traceability
    For each interaction, the date, time, and the person(s) performed are available in the report. In addition, the change history enables you to trace previous entries. If, for example, a measured value is subsequently corrected or a confirmation revoked, this information is stored with date, time and user name. This applies to every interaction.

  • Improved notification bar and pictograms - additional hazardous substances and easier usage
    Find more pictograms, health- and safety notices and add them quickly and easily to the information bar or as pictograms in images. The notifications can be searched in multiple languages and the extended library covers more areas of application.

  • Extended rights in the release process of documents
    You can still release documents in small and large version steps (minor and major changes). These permissions can now be assigned individually to roles so that you can map release processes more precisely.

  • Customizable units for interactions
    In addition to existing units, you can create your own units and make them available for use in interactions in work instructions, protocols and checklists.

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