Long awaited and finally available

  • Units, decimal places and tolerances in the target-actual interaction
    The target-actual interaction can now be provided with suitable units. Choose between unit type and number of decimal places. In addition, you can activate validation and specify tolerances. Deviations are visible immediately and your data sources becomes even more accurate.

  • Classification and Validity of Documentation
    Determine confidentiality and validity for all documentations.

  • Management of filters for structural elements (classifiers)
    Manage all defined classifier filters centrally in order to assign them even more easily to your employees.

  • Button-based navigation for the use of hand and feet buttons
    Specify the individual button-based navigation for the use of hand and feet buttons in the Assistant.

  • User management via CLI-tool
    With simple commands we now enable you to control and manage user management through an external interface.

Improved function

  • Parallel, simultaneous work in work instructions or checklists
    Now, you can work with several team members in one work instruction or checklist at the same time. However, you can still keep track of which tasks were performed by which team member and ensure traceability.

  • Duplicating media
    The duplication of media offers a comprehensive improvement. If you want to use media that have already been edited and integrated elsewhere in the system, you can duplicate them and edit them later if necessary.

  • Improve report searchability
    Find executed reports even easier with the extended searchability of status information. Additional columns as well as a new table format give you the possibility to search status information of reports individually.

  • Advanced and improved interactions
    If an interaction does not apply during execution, you can use the new interaction option “not applicable”. This interaction option is available for every interaction type. In addition, you can select a follow-up action to document why something should not be performed (for example, a media feedback).In addition, the confirmation fields “OK” and “Not OK” can now be completely deselected if the entry is to be reset.

  • Improved PDF-Report
    The PDF report has been further improved and offers you a detailed selection of which information should be displayed in a report. In addition, it is now possible to transfer order information into a single report. Beside that, your address information and your own logo can be embedded in the PDF report, too.

  • Extended searchability in the parking section
    Extended filter criteria and individual views in the Assistant’s parking section give you an overview, making it even easier to transfer or continue tasks and operations.

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