Long awaited and finally available 

  • Create and manage orders directly on cioplenu
    The brand-new order module makes it possible to link work instructions to orders and thus to map use cases such as maintenance work or project-specific as-built documentation centrally via cioplenu. Orders can be created via the user interface as well as automatically created and processed from third-party systems.

  • Mandatory fields in checklists, work instructions and protocols
    Define individual mandatory fields in documents, which must be filled in before the documents can be completed. Make sure that important entries are definitely filled in by your employees. See quickly which entries are still missing in the report module. You can also display mandatory fields in the PDF Report.

  • Modular structure of checklists, work instructions and protocols
    Copy & paste is now a thing of the past. Create your documents such as work instructions, checklists and protocols according to the modular principle. Process steps that occur frequently and were previously created several times can now be reused as a modular document in various other documents. The automatic versioning system forwards changes to linked documents and thus increases hidden efficiency potential.

What function changed

  • PDF report in a new design and with further information
    The PDF report has been completely redesigned and offers, among other things, improved readability and more clearly structured tables. The report identification number can now also be scanned directly from the document using a barcode scanner. It also shows how much mandatory and optional information has been entered.

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