Long awaited and finally available

  • Link images, videos and PDFs to specific operations
    Media can now be assigned to operations in steps of work instructions. With this function, Assistant users can now automatically see relevant media for each active operation. This shortens the time it takes to find relevant media and improves the user experience.

  • Direct links to steps and operations (smart dynamic linking)
    Steps in a work instruction or checklist can now be reached directly with the address bar in the browser. To refer a user directly to a certain step or operation, the link of this step can be sent from the address bar of the browser.

  • Automatically open work instructions for a user
    Using new interfaces and the cioplenu-connector module, work instructions can be opened automatically on a user’s terminal device. This enables further automation options during assembly. In addition, there is now a far-reaching connection to external dashboards and planning systems.

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